Galaxy S6 Price

Mobile technology has made its presence above many other hot matters around the world and right now the top-end hot stuff buzzing all around the globe is, smartphone. Whenever a new technology enriched device is launched in the market, it just makes the market even more captivating. Everybody consider their budget for buying a new device either it is smartphone or any other electiric gadget and why not? It has to be budgeted as price is the main factor regarding this and so as it’s in the matter of Galaxy S6 price. Galaxy S6 price

Is it too early to speculate Galaxy S6 price?

Samsung has mostly been great in terms of price while launching their devices whether it’s a flagship or not. The Galaxy series have high-end as well as mid-range devices under its lid. Talking about the Samsung Galaxy S6 price speculation, it isn’t much early but as per the price, specs and other smartphone factors of its predecessors; it seems fine to make possible outlooks of the SGS6′s price. Taking in view the rumored Galaxy S VI specs & features, we can easily imagine it now only, that this wonder piece of smartphone is not going to be purchased by those who have tight budgets out there as flagship devices are never priced low. You might be interested in Galaxy S6 specifications too.

What to expect for Samsung Galaxy S6 Price (Estimated)?

As per the speculated details rumored for S6, there is no doubt that the SGS6 price is going to touch high clouds in all of the countries. I mean you can’t expect such high-notched device to be priced like low-ranged devices. Obviously, this is not possible for a firm to lower the prices of their flagships as these are the main sources of their sales and hence profits. Everyone, who wants to buy, wishes to spend fewer amounts for a powerful and elegant smartphone but sometimes it’s not possible especially few months after the launch of such flagship devices. You might have also noticed after few months the price of each device falls, either it’s a flagship or a mid-range device of any smartphone maker but the noticeable thing is that some of the device’s price gets too lower while some of them not. So we can expect the same with Galaxy S VI’s price also. This is because of the substanial market competition faced by the firm.

Samsung Galaxy S6 specs

Samsung Galaxy S6 new concept with specs

The Korean firm’s latest flagship released is Galaxy S5 which is now available at around 590 USD on Amazon. So, keeping this in mind, we can expect Samsung Galaxy S6 would be priced nearly 849 USD; which is worth as per its specs and features. This price is expected at the time of its launch but as said above also, it is possible that it will get lowered to around $749 or so after few months. Price of the devices are common in each countries just a little bit of change is there which could be because of several taxes and charges levied by countries.

Galaxy S6 Price (Estimated) for few countries:

In Australia: 998 Australian dollars In Belgium: Euro 583 In Canada: Below $849 In China: 4870 Renminbi Yuan In Denmark: 4354 Danish Krone In Germany: Euro 583 In Hong Kong: 6204 Hong Kong Dollars In India: INR 50000 In Indonesia: 9400000 Rupiah In Iran: 19920000 Rial In Iraq: 930392 Iraqi Dinar In Italy: Euro 583 In Malaysia: 2635 Malaysian Ringgit In New Zealand: 964 New Zealand Dollar In Russia: 28589 Ruble In Singapore: 1012 Singapore dollar In South Africa: 8830 Rand In Sri Lanka: 104776 Sri Lankan Rupee In United Arab Emirates:  2938 Dirham In United Kingdom: $799 In United States: $799 All the above mentioned figures are approximate and are based on the common price of US i.e. $799. How much price you expect from this marvellous device, do share your thoughts about Galaxy S6 price in the comments section below.

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