Samsung Electronics a.k.a. the giant Korean smartphone manufacturer had started a new generation of smartphones around four years past by launching a device ‘Galaxy S’, which has received successors year by year and now the latest rumors coming from web is all about Samsung Galaxy S6 which will be its sixth generation member. Although the manufacturer releases a lot of devices but this series has been on top of all due to its tremendousness in its hardware and software. The firm has always brought something new with the successors of “S” series in terms of specifications, design & features and so as will happen this time also.

The launch of SGS4 was a great hit in the market and now as the Galaxy S5 has been officially launched, everyone’s expectations from Galaxy S6 have gone high blazing this topic on internet in return.

What all consumers would want in Samsung Galaxy S6?

Samsung Galaxy S6 features

Galaxy S6 concept image

By reading the above question you would call me stupid! But, I think it has to be answered because every consumer is not raring to go for same thing as any other consumer is. After all every person have different requirements or needs. Some of the customers will be willing to get a decent price for SGS6, some to get better performance and specs etc. Apart from these mentioned factors, some of the customers are avid to have new technology so that it looks specific and different from other company’s devices. These factors are the main point for manufacturers to be taken in consideration while releasing a new device and so as it will be in the S6 smartphone. Sometimes it happens that you have 2-3 devices to buy and all the three are more or less same in terms of specs and price but it is the time when we go for something which is unique by bearing in mind any new technology or feature you can say.

Samsung Galaxy S6 details bruited worldwide on web:

This has been a tradition now that flagship devices of famous manufacturers are publicized before its official launch on the web. All the Galaxy S series devices and also the Note series devices are rumored day after day on web. Lets check out some of the specs and feature of S6 which are not yet official but are rumored to be in the future smartphone by Samsung.

Galaxy S6 Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy S6 camera

Galaxy S6 camera

  • 64-bit Samsung Exynos 6 chipset having 16-cores processor (4 quad-core units)
  • Qualcomm’s snapdragon 810 CPU
  • Probably Adrena 430 GPU
  • 4 Gigs of RAM onboard
  • 5.3″ Ultra HD Screen/4K screen expected to have 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution (check update 20th September below)
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 4 screen protection
  • 32 GB / 64 GB in-house storage with expansion upto 128 GB via microSD
  • Google’s Android 5.0 or 4.5 as well as Samsung new own TouchWiz (Update 16th October below)
  • 20 MP main camera and 5 MP secondary camera (check update 27th Septemeber below)
  • 3300-3500 mAh battery
  • 3G, 4G LTE Cat. 6 (download of 300 Mbps) and probably with 5G network connectivity (check Update 19th June below)

Apart from the above clear-cut Samsung Galaxy S6 specs, there would be some ground-breaking features which include a fingerprint scanner, Iris Scanner, LED notification light which is seen in top-notch Samsung devices, Wireless charging, OTG support and USB host functionality.

Additionally as we all have seen the apps bloatware in all of the Samsung devices which is irritating to majority of the users worldwide. Some of the rumors suggest Samsung might be improving the apps structure starting from its next year flagship i.e. Galaxy S VI. Though, Samsung is not going to remove all its home-made internal apps but for sure this time, users will be happy to see a big change in S6.

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Galaxy S6 release date anticipation – Far away still

Samsung has released each “S” series smartphone flagship year after a year since June 2010. If we consider such tradition to be followed by the Korean firm, then there is surety about S6’s release date to be either April or May 2015. But if we look at the market conditions, which each and every firm considers for making growth and profits, then possibly, it could be the ending quarter of 2014 as competition is getting tough like rock, day by day and month by month. So, to be in the race Samsung could launch it in the fourth quarter of 2014 also.

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How much pennies to lose out from your Pockets for the Samsung Galaxy S6?

Samsung Galaxy S6

It is true that all the flagship devices obviously with high-end specs come with a high price tag too, so as would happen with Galaxy S6. All the highly specifications-filled smart devices are made with a goal to achieve soaring sales and profits by the manufacturer. So as the goal and so is the work force behind it and the expenses or manufacturing costs. For instance, Note 3 is priced around $770 and recently Galaxy S5 is launched at around $699 but is on sale at around $590 on Amazon. So, what we conclude from it? It has gone down to around $590 in few months as it happens to most of the devices made by the Korean firm. So, we can expect the same with Galaxy S6 which is expected to arrive with a price tag of $799-$849 at max which could be lowered to $749 or so after few months after its launch.

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As per the speculations of this futuristic smartphone, I can assure you that it will bring boom to the market whenever it gets launched. Samsung Galaxy S6 would bring huge sales and profits to the Korean giant with its smashing specs and fulgurous features.

UPDATE – 19th June 2014 (No 5G network support in S6)

Recent news is coming via which reveals that the 5G network is not ready to arrive in the coming years. According to the news, Europe and South Korea has signed agreement in Seoul which includes the details to develop 5G mobile technology. 5G is a new network technology which provide faster and better network to the immense increase of communication in the world along with new features and uses. The officials confirmed that it might not arrive until 2020 – 2030. So, we can expect Galaxy S6 to arrive without 5G support as it will be too early for a device to have or it will be to early for a manufacturer to build devices with such technology too.

Update – 20th September 2014 (4K screen may not be coming in S6)

A lot of buzz around the web is spreaded saying SGS6 to have a 4K resolution screen but it seems the time for 4K resolution screen to be incorporated to a smartphone is too early. Qualcomm’s next-gen chips supports 2K as well as 4K resolution screen and in market, we have two running devices LG G3 and Galaxy Note 4 both of which support 2K screens. We may find 2K screen or 4K as well in S6 but here what matters most is Battery which as per the test in LG’s G3 dropped continuosly while playing a Super High-resolution Video. So, If Samsung manages to bring a high capacity battery which ensures better performance with the 2k or 4K screens on the front side, then it will be true otherwise users should stop the dreams of getting 4K screens.

Update – 27th September (Camera to feature 4K resolution video recording)

Rumors have been spreaded that 4K screen is going to come in S6 but as I mentioned in the above update this rumor has very less possibility to be made a reality at the time of Galaxy S6’s launch but what’s more seems to be happening in future is the camera feature which will surely be coming as the recent rumor Google’s much rumored Nexus smartphone coded as Motorola Shamu says the Nexus 6 will feature 4K video recording. This keeps the chances for Samsung to include the 4K recording in SGS6’s camera which will be a 20 megapixels piece. What you say about this latest rumor about Nexus 6 from GSMArena.

Update – 16th October (Android 5.0 Lollipop announced)

The alleged Android version has now been officially out and named as Android v5.0 Lollipop by Google on 16th October. Even the list of the devices from Google has been confirmed but Samsung hasn’t said any word about the release of this OS for its devices. The rumors about its next generation which earlier holded that it will feature Android v4.5 (Milkshake) has now gone wrong. Now, it seems to be more valuable for Galaxy S6 to have Lollipop OS in-the-box itself unless Google releases any other version of Lollipop further before S6’s launch.

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